The Most Effective Twitter Hack Online

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Twitforce is an all in one Twitter hack tool

If you’ve ever been locked out of your Twitter account because you lost your password, your account got disabled or suspended then this is the tool that you need. Twitforce can easily hack into any account on Twitter within minutes of entering the username of the target account.

It has been designed to work on multiple platforms including; Apple OS (iPhone, iPad, MAC), Android mobile devices, and computers running Windows.

It is safe and easy to use. Proxies and a VPN tunnel are used to protect the user. This ensures they stay anonymous and untraceable.

It’s also possible to spy on direct messages between two Twitter users. All you have to do is enter the username of the person you want to spy on. Then wait until a list of users they have sent and received messages from is displayed. This will also include old or any deleted conversations.

Spy on direct messages through Twitter

Spy on a conversation between two Twitter users using the direct messenger (DM) hack. Maybe you need some clear cut evidence on your spouse who has been acting strange. You suspect something is going on but before you take any action you need facts. Or you might want to monitor your kids and make sure they aren’t chatting with random strangers online with bad intentions.

Security & Privacy on Social Media

People who sign up on social media platforms usually have the option of keeping their data and personal information private. Or only showing it to their followers and specific people. Users trust these platforms to keep their personal data safe but there have been many cases of hacks taking place leaking all the information to the public. Hacking is a very powerful tool that some have a very high skill in. They can bypass any passwords, security questions, mobile verification, etc.

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Recover your Twitter Password

Have you tried resetting your password only to run into another problem… not being able to access the e-mail account you registered your Twitter account with? Good luck trying to get help from Twitter! At this point, you’re pretty much out of luck unless you use Twitforce. Passwords can be reset or recovered in less than five minutes.

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Save deleted photos & Tweets

You can fully monitor any Twitter user and save any Tweets or photos as soon as they post them. If you’re not on Twitter all day and they decide to delete something you will definitely miss out. Now, this won’t be a problem because every post will be saved for you to be able to check out at a later date.

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Private Tweet Viewer

If someone on Twitter has set their tweet privacy to “Protect my tweets” you won’t be able to see anything on their account. Unless you’re one of their followers that they accepted. If you want to remain anonymous without having to send a request to follow but still have the power to view their Tweets our hacking tool can help you do that. It will bypass any protected tweets and show them to you like a public account.

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Find out the location of any Tweet

Find out where the tweet happened even if they did not add a location to the tweet. It will gather the GPS coordinates as well as the city and country.

private tweet location

Record & save live video

Did you miss a live video stream and the user has not posted it publicly? Twitforce can record any live video streams and save it. All you have to do is set up a recorder within the app. It will then monitor and record any live streams that take place by the username that you’ve entered. Even if you’ve been blocked you can still watch their live video streams.

Twitter live video recorder


Why would you want to hack a Twitter account in the first place?

You might need some solid evidence on maybe say your husband or girlfriend before you can take any real action. Maybe you want to play a prank on one of your friends and post a bunch of hilarious tweets for all their followers to read. You might be a concerned parent and want to keep tabs on who your children are talking to online.

Do I need to learn how to program software before I can start hacking into Twitter?

Not at all! With Twitforce you can easily hack into a Twitter account with a bit of information and a few mouse clicks.

What information do I need?

All you need is their Twitter username.

Will the owner of the Twitter account know I hacked into their account?

They will not be able to trace and find out who really did it. The app is set up with three layers of protection that keeps you 100% undetectable and anonymous.

Do I need access to their phone in order to hack their Twitter account?

No, You will not need physical access to their phone or be anywhere near it.

How do I view protected or private tweets? Is it possible to view them without having to be a follower?

Twitforce has the power to view all tweets and you don’t have to be a follower at all. Also, any achieved tweets that have not been deleted from the servers can be recovered and viewed.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone or root my Android to use this hack?

No, the app has been developed for everyone in mind. We took care of all the technical stuff so you don’t have to.